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SHOES are always a hot topic for everyone. That’s the reason RISHI HEALTH CARE also concern about the shoes that made our world fragmented. Shoes are the first thing that notices by the other people. It shows your value, most of the people estimate the value of a person from the shoes. Let me take you to the old times where the first shoes discovered so you would know a tale of men and women’s footwear. The first shoe was discovered from the Mummy’s Grave.  The shoe was fragmented, the upper was made-up from the deerskin and the cushions made from the hay and grass fiber. The sole made from the bearskin. Human used shoes from the 40,000 years ago.


In the olden times and antiquity, the world started to make shoes. Shoes were made up for them who can buy or who has status or social class. The public divided into various communities and distribute work to them according to the division; it is a most important part of a tale of men and women’s footwear. As a king, you can wear shoes with a heel of 30 centimeters.  If I talked about heals, now heals mostly used for making woman’s shoes and sandals. Women are addictive to wear heels. Greece was made of sandals that were long, touch the halfway of knee and there were many laces.  In ancient Rome, clothes and shoes are the symbols of power. The shoes are worn according to the status and social value. Greece’s sandals are more popular than any sandals. They look more fascination and comfortable in wearing but the European disagree on the sandals. Italy makes sandals slightly different from Greece. The sandals flourished to all over the European markets.  Ancient Egypt has the best sandals because they made from the best leather and they made for reducing the heat of sand. In Egypt, the sandals could wear only by the king and queen or the other status able person. The finest quality of the king’s sandals is big heals according to the power that holds. Heals were the symbol of the power of holding at prehistoric times.  First of all, only Cleiax and Pharaoh were able to wear them but later sandals were worn by all ancient Egyptians. Different colors symbolized a certain social class.


In the middle ages, the European markets are entered into new markets, which are making of shoes. European made shoes or sandals according to his countries, like north Europe they mostly wear ankle shoes and the cushions made up of the fur or animal skin. In southern Europe, the climate takes all the concern because over there, the weather is hot as compared to northern Europe so they wore more sandals than shoes.  The sandals were made from the leaves and the straps of leather for the air ventilation. In the Gothic period, we introduced unusual shoes with long and pointed shoes called Cracow. It is made up of the material like velvet and it’s decorated from the fancy items.


In the early modern times, fashion is dictated by men. The man legs are the symbol of beauty and it increases the value of men and men’s shoes. The women legs were covered by the long skirts so we can’t see the shoes or sandals of her. At this time countries started manufacturing companies and the first countries who made shoes were Italy and France. They made the best shoes with the best material of fashion that available at that time. Slowly shoes were flourished to all over Europe due to the fancy and decorative design.


During the revival period, the king of France wore high heels to showcase his supremacy. They can walk easily with the heels of 30 centimeters. The knights were the first peoples who wore ankle shoe for better horse riding and fighting. In the Early Nineteen century, the footwear worlds changed. They introduce Baroque, where the shoes were made from the costly material velvet, silk and the shoes were highly decorated by the decorative materials. In men shoes, the red color of the heel is a symbol of high status. The biggest success in footwear production was during the industrial revolution. The modern footwear swing machine was invented by the United Kingdom and America’s inventors and craftsman.


In the modern times, the shoe revolution changed drastically and everyone wants a unique, stylish and comfortable shoe for them; best raw materials and new structures. Sports shoes introduced in modern times, the sports shoes had the biggest impact on footwear. The first step towards revolution was the invention of sports shoes in 1917 for basketball players by “Converse”. This was the first step towards trendy sports shoes.

The name “Sneaker’’ came from the English word “sneak” which means the sole made up of rubber. Sneakers have his own value in the market and in modern times sneaker is a substitute for sports shoes. They look much more appealing than the sports shoe. It is a tribute to men’s shoes.

In the modern times, the man also wore heals shoes but heal would be only 2.5 centimeters.


RISHI HEALTH CARE helps you by telling the entire secret of a tale of men and women’s footwear for knowing how this world starts using shoes. It tells the division of society in various classes like people divided from the status, money and work that they do for fulfilling his needs. Fashion will change only after 10 or 100 years, not every season. Women have no option for wearing a high heel in the past. It changes the women’s shoes fortune. The slaves have no right to wore shoes because they had a lack of money and slaves stopped to wore shoes to separate them from the high-status public. We feel so much luck that we are the part of the modern times. Due to that, we don’t have any option to wear sophisticated and fancy shoes. I always think that how a man can wear 30 centimeters heeled shoes and how they look like? That’s the biggest question in my mind. Now, anyone cannot wear shoes of the 30-centimeter heel. We are a free bird to wear any kind of shoes or we don’t have any dictator who stops us from wearing shoes.

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