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Fashion is a different world in our society. It is related to every period of society. Fashion has emerged in modern times. It has been started since ancient times when I talked about the time when kings captured dictatorship and they wore different clothes. Like, they were wearing kurta, dhoti, turban and many ornaments. Women wear this kind of jewelry in modern times. That’s the thing will consider knowing,

HOW CLOTHES CHANGE THE PERCEPTION and helped by RISHI HEALTH CARE for understanding the value of clothes.

Some time ago, Girl had worn Sari and Salwar suits with Chunari. Now, the time has changed fashion brings more and more clothes with different styles. Like today’s girls wear palazzo, a piece suit, skirt, mini skirt, long skirt t-shirt, shirt, jeans and trousers. They can also wear.

Men’s clothes. If I talked about men so they have shirts, pants, jeans; t-shirts, coats, indo-western, hood and many more things and we have less clothing than the Women’s clothing.


In India, we follow Fashion from very back in time. We always do anything in a good manner that always shows our attitude, our class and our point of how we carrying us. Due to fashion means is basically how you carry yourself even you wearied ripped clothes. We always follow our culture and every tradition, leads you to wearied different clothes and different styling. Like if you are Sheikh Man so, you will wear kurta, pajama with turban and sheikh style statement is keeping the big beard and long hairs with a knife. A knife is for showing the past experience of Guru Gobind Shaab.  It is for Men’s clothing to be a style icon at that time and for make our self-unique from others. Everybody wants to look good in the 21 century. They follow fashion seriously because they love to be a trendsetter. Now, public judge you from your clothes, not by your thoughts that’s the point lead us to HOW CLOTHES CHANGE THE PERCEPTION. Fashion does not only belong to your clothes. It has a huge variety like your accessories, hair styling, footwear and makeup. These things also have an ability to change you into another you, that you even expected it.

We follow Fashion from our favorite actors, actress or any other influencing person who look attractive than us. A person, who has a sense of color when choosing clothes to wear, they can turn it from unwanted to bold and hot.


If I talk little conservative, so my opinion is that the fashion world CHANGED our world by exploding the vulgarity by wearing small clothes by girls and showcase nudity to the world. Fashion designer wants to excite the people who are at the show to make a value of his clothes by hiring a girl’s model and provide them small cloths in size. Now you think that I am orthodox that split out bullshit because clothes are not small, small is your thinking. Actually, the clothes are too short. Because the girls think is, if we show our body then we get more attracted and that’s not right absolutely. But I have to speak about that we don’t have the problem with that as if off. Why you wear small clothes when you know the thinking of boys is bad? The thing is everybody gets ready in a good way for others. Our main focus, when we think about what to wear so, we care about on appearing hot while compared to others. This fashion will destruct our culture slowly. Fashion is not only about looking good but the public take him in another way. That’s how; you would allergic soon when you understand the point of RISHI HEALTH CARE about HOW CLOTHES CHANGED THE PERCEPTION.


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