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In India, we have various culture, religion, caste, sub-caste and very different thing. Only in India has the treasure of herbs that RISHI HEALTH CARE use to make various medicines without side-effecting and less costly than English medicine. That’s the point who shouted very loudly is INDIA DOESN’T NEED ENGLISH MEDICINE ANYMORE.


Many pharmaceutical companies played the hidden roles for making more money by not selling generic medicine. Generic medicines are cheap in price but they affect same as the English medicine. That is sold in all over in India at higher prices. Let me tell you about the medicine that gives you the power to control on your second chakra and made you strong enough to take pleasures of life. I have various examples of companies those who charged a higher price of the product because they patent their formula. Ban on generic medicine for sell at the time when the product of the company in a market is presented.  Most buyers of medicines are only those people who had a good amount to pay. By knowing the companies fact so we took the initiative to provide the best medicine at a reasonable price. That can pay by the normal people or middle-class people. When I researched what type of medicine is, that can give humans the power to enjoy their life or get back happiness in life. English medicine has more chances of getting an effect from any side effect. English medicine makes you warm and fatty. It contains higher dangerous chemicals and drug quality to control the problem. It is very addictive in nature.


I received various results that show the number of medicines from different companies. Their formula aren’t that much effective but the price is very high. So I talked to various doctors, sexologists, home pathologists and various people, who have great knowledge about herbs. In various people whom I talked, one of them had a great knowledge about every tree that presents in India. They told me about various herbs that can be cheaper. They affect more than the English medicine that is present at this time. For enjoying romance and taking pleasure of life we make PRO STEEL, ROCKSTRONG and IRONMAN that made from herbs. That is picked up from India’s various forests for helping the couple to enjoy the life on earth and to complete our self.  If you behave like a workaholic or you forget that you have various stuff to do to harmony your body with a soul. You can be like an animal who just WANTS to eat food and make a child.  Humans and Dolphins can enjoy sex without any intention of giving birth to a child.


RISHI HEALTH CARE owns three products under the name of IRONMAN, PRO STEEL and ROCKSTRONG. Who ensures that you made a great relationship between you and your partner? Both have various fantasies and desire and you have the right to have fun. Your chakra gives you the energy to enjoy life on earth. So this thing is not wrong for having fun. We made our product from the Himalayas herbs. Who has a result that shouted INDIA DOESN’T NEED ENGLISH MEDICINE ANYMORE? Since the results are very clear and effective on the samples. We use to identify product values and ancient culture, beliefs and the research of our monks from the result that come after the test.

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